Norwegian yards land order for EUR 2.37 billion

Norwegian yards have so far secured orders valued at EUR 2.37 billion, according to Norwegian media. Almost half of the figure comes from five contracts on one yard, prompting concerns.

Photo: Lee Jin-man/AP/POLFOTO/arkiv

Norwegian yards have already secured larger orders in 2018 than was the case across 2017.

Altogether the yards in 2018 secured 45 contracts worth over NOK 50 million (EUR 5.15 million), adding up to a total EUR 2.37 billion in value, according to figures from organization Norske Skibsverft writes Norwegian media, as reported by Sysla.

The figures already exceed the 2017 level. Just half of the total value order intake – NOK 10 billion – is concentrated in just five contracts which have landed at the yard group Vard and which include three coast guard vessels and two cruise ships.

This has prompted concern at Norwegian Skibsverft, in that the remaining 40 orders are spread out over the rest of the Norwegian yard industry.

"Seen in this light, Norske Skibsverft is concerned about every newbuilding contract located overseas," says CEO Asle B. Strønen to, according to Sysla.

In particular, fishing boats, cruise vessels and expedition vessels are on the newbuilding list for Norwegian yards.

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