APM Terminals acquitted in Indian competition case

APM Terminals has been cleared of all charges in a competition case in India in which the company was suspected of using its dominant market position to squeeze its competitors out of a port.

APM Terminals i Rotterdam Photo: APM Terminals

APM Terminals has been cleared in a competition case in India where the Maersk Group's port unit was suspected of abusing its dominant market position.

According to a complaint filed with the Indian authorities, the company had placed wrongful obstructions for its competitions in Jawaharlal Nehru Port near Mumbai.

APM Terminals is pleased with the decision of the competition authority in India"

APM Terminals in a statement following the acquittal
This allegedly happened by, among other things, demanding that carriers use only the logistics companies and facilities co-owned by APM Terminals or with which the company has arrangements.

The port company, notes the complaint, has allegedly also made illegal exclusive deals with stakeholders in another port, Pipavav in Guajarat, where the company also owns a terminal as well as a stake in a rail company servicing the Indian mainland.

But after investigating the matter, the competition authorities have concluded that the charges are unfounded. APM Terminals has thus been acquitted.

"APM Terminals is pleased with the decision of the competition authority in India, which has acquitted the company of any competition distorting activity in our business in Mumbai, India," writes the company in a statement.

The Maersk Group port and terminal unit operates the largest of four terminals in Jawaharlal Nehru Port through company Gateway Terminals, a joint venture together with Container Corporation of India Ltd.

The collaboration in Jawaharlal Nehru Port has been in operation since 2006, APM Terminals has owned a stake in Pipavav since 2005. The case, now closed, will have no impact on the company's business in India.

"APM Terminals remains dedicated to the Indian market and will continue to work to improve India's competitiveness," notes the company in the statement.

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