Industry has two days to solve fundamental challenges

200 senior executives and leading politicians from around the world have set each other the ambitious task of coming up with solutions for some of the most fundamental and pressing challenges in the sector within 48 hours. ShippingWatch has spoken to two stakeholders about the most urgent tasks.

Photo: ShippingWatch/Future Line Media

The third annual Danish Maritime Forum his now underway in Copenhagen where close to 200 senior executives and decision-makers from the global shipping sector will spend Wednesday and Thursday discussing, and hopefully presenting, solutions for the most pressing challenges in the sector.

Last year the participants at the forum talked about the turbulent waters in which ports, suppliers, and other maritime stakeholders found themselves maneuvering.

This year the rhetorics have been kicked up a notch, because the topic now is how the major companies can navigate through the stormy seas of low growth, new revolutionizing technology, and overcapacity.

ShippingWatch has asked two of the participants where they see the biggest challenges today, and how they believe these can be solved.

Here are ShippingWatch's interviews with Anne Steffensen, Director General of the Danish Shipowners' Association, and Euronav CEO Patric Rodgers.

Interview, Anne Steffensen, Director General, Danish Shipowners’ Association from Futureline Media on Vimeo.


Interview, Patrick Rodgers, CEO, Euronav from Futureline Media on Vimeo.


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