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Two tankers were attacked in the Gulf of Oman Thursday, it is still unknown who is to blame. OW Bunker's former CEO in Singapore, Lars Møller, is going to prison for five years, Get an overview of this week's top picks.

Photo: Ritzau Scanpix/Reuters/Tasnim News Agency

Two tankers attacked in the Gulf of Oman

Two vessels were attacked in the Gulf of Oman. It is still unknown who is behind the attacks, which led to explosions onboard both vessel, one of which burst into flames.

According to the US, Iran is to blame for the attack, but Iran denies this.

The vessels in question are Front Altair and Kokuka Courageous. More than 20 crew members were aboard each vessel, all of which were evacuated to nearby vessels.

Last month four tankers were furthermore subjected to sabotage in the same area. The two event have caused several parties to issue warnings against being in the area until more is known about the situation.

Frontline rules out ship malfunction as cause of explosion

US says video shows Iran was involved in an attack on tanker 

Ships told to stay away from Gulf of Oman following serious attacks

Oil jumps from near five-month low after suspected tanker attack

Frontline tanker attacked in waters off Fujairah

Former OW Bunker executive going to prison

Photo: Ritzau Scanpix/Kasper Palsnov
Photo: Ritzau Scanpix/Kasper Palsnov

OW Bunker's former CEO in Singapore, Lars Møller, is going to prison for five years for his role in the Danish oil group's collapse.

This is evident following Friday's ruling in Møller's appeal case at the Western High Court of Denmark.

According to the sentence, Møller has committed gross breach of trust worth approximately USD 114.8 million. He has therefore been sentenced to five years of unconditional imprisonment.

The High Court thereby increases the sentence given by a district court last year, when Møller was sentenced to 1.5 years in prison, but was acquitted of gross breach of trust.

Former OW executive sentenced to five years in prison 

Defense attorney: OW Bunker management knew about massive credits 

Prosecutors demand at least five years in prison for Lars Møller 

New witness in OW Bunker case: "Great mutual trust between top management and Lars Møller"

OW Bunker CEO in text message: "You've managed to close the company" 

Major bonus is central to case against former OW Bunker exec 

New witness to take the stand in case against former OW director

Four Blue MBA students map out their motivation

The ideal maritime leader is an illusion

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