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The collapse of South Korea's Hanjin Shipping and the severe problems caused by the receivership for the container carriers' customers in particular, alongside the final ratification of the IMO's ballast water convention, took center stage this week on ShippingWatch.

Photo: PR-foto/Hanjin Shipping

Hanjin Shipping's collapse and subsequent court receivership has triggered legal as well as financial chaos in the global container industry, and some of the world's biggest shippers such as Electrolux and Samsung are fighting to have their containers released from Hanjin's vessels and from terminals across the world.

Electrolux: Hanjin collapse could impact production

Samsung enraged by stranded Hanjin vessels 

Photo: Mark Lennihan/AP/Polfoto/Arkiv
Photo: Mark Lennihan/AP/Polfoto/Arkiv

Hanjin's biggest creditor hesitant with financial help 

Hyundai Merchant forms new Korean container alliance 

Hanjin's ghost ships running out of food and water 

Hanjin's vessels can now sail freely to the US 

These are the most attractive Hanjin vessels for potential buyers

3000 containers trapped in Rotterdam following Hanjin's collapse 


After years of discussions and waiting, the ballast water convention has now finally been ratified by the sufficient number of countries needed for it to come into force exactly one year from now. Finland made the decisive ratification.

Ballast water convention will come into force in September 2017

Shipowners face big bills and major benefits from ballast water convention

Photo: Bawat
Photo: Bawat

Wärtsilä presents its visions for the future of shipping

Wärtsilä: Green shipping has slowed down


ShippingWatch has spoken to major German shipping banks, and they deem it unlikely that the international shipping sector will return to the towering growth rates experienced in the past.

KfW IPEX exec: No sign of the good times returning 

This is how NordLB plans to get rid of non-performing shipping loans 

NordLB: Improved shipping markets are far off in the future 

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Shipping in a safe position despite shaky world economy

Container carriers are facing a couple of difficult years, but otherwise the shipping industry looks set to do well despite dark clouds over the world economy, according to shipping analyst. ”Right now, most companies are making a lot of money.”

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